Advantageous of Staying in a Mix Development

Advantageous of Staying in a Mix Development Such as Canninghill Square

Advantageous of Staying in a Mix Development Such as Canninghill Square

To spend your entire life by the philosophy: Live, Work, and Play is everyone’s dream. Be it the concentration ability while working, to be at home conveniently or the availability of several sporting activities- all within your reach is the kind of lifestyle everyone dreams of today. For a Singaporean, this dream has come true through the rise of mixed development properties. To be fair, Singapore has a very limited area of land to offer and if not for these mixed development properties, it would have been pretty difficult since the population and demand have been skyrocketing these days.

What Are Mixed-used Development Properties?

Mixed-used development property is a metropolitan housing system in which residential and commercial facilities are infused together. Residential units along with shopping complexes and, in some cases, integrated hotels are the kind of mixed developments mostly found in Singapore. In most cases, residential units are located on top floors while the commercials outlets are situated just below those residents. Mix Developments are highly sought after. The next one will be Canninghill Square. Please see the latest info.

Are Mixed Developments properties in Singapore beneficial 

Mixed development properties don’t only provide for amenity but it is way more than that. Let’s go through all the benefits to find out what Mixed-used developments properties has to offer.

Unmatched Amenities

The first and foremost leverage you get is the premium level of amenity. Also, if you have a shopping complex sitting just beneath you, you get to save a lot of time as you won’t be traveling a lot to get your quotidians. Within a few seconds, you will be sitting down in of the restaurants fuelling up your belly.

Reduction in expenses

One of the advantages of Mixed Developed properties is you will be saving big. Cutting down the fuel expenses, wasting on car parks are a few of that perks. The less you travel, the more will you save.

Chances of earning more Passive Income

It is common to everyone that residential properties just by MRTs attract a lot of tenants and also the rentals are high. And if that property is nested above shopping complexes, it serves as icing on the cake. Lodgers will be more than happy to burn a hole in their pocket for they will be getting everything of need under a single roof.

Increase in Location Value

Mixed-used developments are said to be only affordable to those who are affluent. And it is because that mixed-used developments are priced high and it plays a vital role in increasing the face value of that location.

Flexibility in Investment

One of the most beneficial perks of having a unit in a mixed-used development property is that whenever you shall feel like letting go of it, you can just list it in the open market for the buyers looking to buying such units. Also, non-nationals shall be looking to buy and you could always sell yours to them.

Beware! while buying

WE have been through five benefits of a mixed-developed property but before we come to any conclusion, we must look at the darker side of it as well.

  • Overly crowded and highly dense
  • Noise pollution caused by the highly-industrialized area
  • Issues regarding your privacy
  • Highly expensive in comparison to regular rooms


Denying that Singapore is overcrowded will be a hard nut to stomach. Since it is one of the countries which attracts all and sundry, it is expected that economy shall boom and this gives birth to the development of more mixed-used development properties. But before putting your money in the grinder, do consider all the pros and cons.

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