Big Development Canninghill Square Mix Development by City Developments Limited and Capitaland Core City Centre

Boat is one of the oldest and most popular historical quays in Singapore central region, with its wide range of outstanding bars and alfresco restaurants. The opening of the Suez Canal contributed to increased trade at Boat Quay in 1869, the bulk of goods came from Malaysia and Indonesia, and godowns and warehouses were located all along this place. It was the busiest part of Singapore, used to take care of the three-quarters of entire shipping business during the 1860s and it has been transformed into an outstanding place. Boat Quay is situated in between Clarke Quay in the north and Marina Bay in the south. Boat Quay has been an epicenter of riverside pubbing and alfresco dining since 90s, it is easily accessible by any public transport. Boat Quay is well known for its nightlife in Singapore where people can de-stress themselves after a long hectic day. There are also many mix developments located around the area and Canninghill Square former Liang Court is one of them. Also, the site of the new development is huge and presents an opportunity to own a big prestigious development right at the heart of the city.

A great place to relax at riverside with wide variety of delicious food and drinks, enjoy your evening at roof top restaurants with superb views across the city. The reflection of vibrant and colorful lights on rippling river water make the view magical. Boat Quay is an amazing place to walk along either by day or night, along the way you can see different lovely buildings lined up the river, many of these original buildings have been preserved and are now the spot of entertainment. Enjoy light and fountain show during the evenings at Boat Quay and the skyline looks amazing when it gets dark.

The finest architecture of all the historical bridges is really impressive and when all bridges brilliantly lit at night, the view is spectacular. These are the oldest bridges in Singapore which have been survived in their original forms. There is an interesting Asian Civilization Museum which is well worth to visit, the extensive exhibits in the museum are educational, informative, and fascinating. A genuinely nice way to learn about the history of the city. Also, you can have a boat ride and enjoy the city sightseeing at Boat Quay. From iconic dance clubs to live music, numerous riverside bars with gorgeous ambience, fun activities and scenic view of the river, this place has everything to spend some moments of your precious time.

Boat Quay is a must visit place for anyone looking for a boozy good time in the city.