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Holland Village

Canninghill Square District 09 River valley condo

Canninghill Square District 09 River valley condo

Travel restrictions may still be in many parts of the world but your travel dream doesn’t have to be on hold this year. Holland is where the east meets West, here European culture comes to life in a uniquely Singaporean way.

Holland Village, normally abbreviated as Holland V, is located along the boundary  between the planning areas of Bukit Timah and Queenstown in the Central Region of Singapore. Its popularity for shopping and dining is known for the young Singaporean.

It was established in the early 1900s by Singapore’s Dutch community. Holland Village was the former home of British Army personnel and their families. Plantations, colonial estates and nurseries once marked this neighbourhood, and its European-influenced legacy can still be seen in the architecture of its quaint shop-houses and low-rise buildings.

The district was named after the English architect Hugh Holland, but was colloquially known as hue hng au (‘behind the flower garden’ in the Hokkien dialect), in reference to its close proximity to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Over the years, Holland Village has gathered a reputation for being a creative commune and an incubator for local artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. The main stretch of Holland Village along Lorong Mambong discontinued a skilful European charm, and is a trove of al fresco cafes, restaurants and popular lifestyle outlets.

We have much to discover in this thriving and modern neighborhood that is rich in heritage from its shopping to its dining experience.


Exploring Holland Village

Visitors who’d like an insight into traditional Singaporean businesses can pay a visit to Thambi Magazine Store at Holland Road Shopping Centre. Owned by third-generation owner Sam Thambi, this business traces its lineage back to the 1940s, when Sam’s grandfather and father sold newspapers and magazines to neighbourhood residents and British soldiers. The location of Canninghill Square is located near to Holland Village where there are plenty of amenities to cater to District 09 residents. Please see Canninghill Square website.

For a quick correspondent from the lively activities of Holland Village’s main stretch, take a stroll to Chip Bee Gardens, a five-minute walk from Holland Village’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Exit B. This area was formerly a military estate established in the 1950s to house members of the British Army, and the beautiful architecture on display here makes it ripe for a bout of urban exploration.

Current tenants include modern art galleries, a smattering of local cafes, and homegrown retail outlets offering everything from customized notebooks to statement pieces for your wardrobe. We recommend a visit to TAKSU, a Southeast Asian-themed art gallery that boasts an extensive collection of contemporary paintings from some of the region’s finest painters.


How to get there

To get there the fast and easy way is by taking the subway to the Holland Village station on the circle line.

If you are willing to come to the city, you will either involve a transfer from the Downtown line at Botanic Gardens. After reaching the station, get out at Exit C and you would be on the edge of the neighborhood.

Where to shop

Nowadays there are fewer places to shop in Holland Village than before, however, a few gems still remain. To get the product you want to buy, visit Holland Village shopping center of what the neighborhood was like a few years ago. This is the perfect place to get souvenirs that are more interesting than Singapore and the other things you commonly find.

The bar scene?

Holland Village is known for its laid-back atmosphere and unpretentious bars. Visit Singapore Stalwart during the week from Sunday to Thursday until 9 pm for a low budget of ten dollars. Buy draught beers and house wines for just ten dollars.

For a unique bar, go to Park HV, unmissable in its retrofit shipping container. It provides patrons with alfresco space to enjoy a drink or two.

The Food Scene?

There are many restaurants that  cater to  every plate according to your budget and you can get foods as low as ten dollars. Whether you’re hungry for a hearty dinner or a decadent dessert, Holland Village’s wide ranging food offerings are certain to increase your appetite.

Start your morning with breakfast at Baker & Cook. Helmed by New Zealand TV personality and celebrity chef Dean Brettschneider, this bakery is known for its artisanal pastries and home-made jams.

To indulge in a period of shopping for organic produce, drop by taste. Located in the cosy Raffles Holland V shopping mall, this 557-square-metre space houses ten different sections, including a cheese room and a charcuterie. Seasonal produce is flown in from France, Japan, Thailand and the United States on a fortnightly basis.

If you’re craving for a taste, visit Holland Drive Market and Food Centre. Located just along Lorong, this hawker centre serves up varieties of local dishes, including nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk, served with a wide array of side dishes), chicken rice and laksa (spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup).


Advantageous of Staying in a Mix Development

Advantageous of Staying in a Mix Development Such as Canninghill Square

Advantageous of Staying in a Mix Development Such as Canninghill Square

To spend your entire life by the philosophy: Live, Work, and Play is everyone’s dream. Be it the concentration ability while working, to be at home conveniently or the availability of several sporting activities- all within your reach is the kind of lifestyle everyone dreams of today. For a Singaporean, this dream has come true through the rise of mixed development properties. To be fair, Singapore has a very limited area of land to offer and if not for these mixed development properties, it would have been pretty difficult since the population and demand have been skyrocketing these days.

What Are Mixed-used Development Properties?

Mixed-used development property is a metropolitan housing system in which residential and commercial facilities are infused together. Residential units along with shopping complexes and, in some cases, integrated hotels are the kind of mixed developments mostly found in Singapore. In most cases, residential units are located on top floors while the commercials outlets are situated just below those residents. Mix Developments are highly sought after. The next one will be Canninghill Square. Please see the latest info.

Are Mixed Developments properties in Singapore beneficial 

Mixed development properties don’t only provide for amenity but it is way more than that. Let’s go through all the benefits to find out what Mixed-used developments properties has to offer.

Unmatched Amenities

The first and foremost leverage you get is the premium level of amenity. Also, if you have a shopping complex sitting just beneath you, you get to save a lot of time as you won’t be traveling a lot to get your quotidians. Within a few seconds, you will be sitting down in of the restaurants fuelling up your belly.

Reduction in expenses

One of the advantages of Mixed Developed properties is you will be saving big. Cutting down the fuel expenses, wasting on car parks are a few of that perks. The less you travel, the more will you save.

Chances of earning more Passive Income

It is common to everyone that residential properties just by MRTs attract a lot of tenants and also the rentals are high. And if that property is nested above shopping complexes, it serves as icing on the cake. Lodgers will be more than happy to burn a hole in their pocket for they will be getting everything of need under a single roof.

Increase in Location Value

Mixed-used developments are said to be only affordable to those who are affluent. And it is because that mixed-used developments are priced high and it plays a vital role in increasing the face value of that location.

Flexibility in Investment

One of the most beneficial perks of having a unit in a mixed-used development property is that whenever you shall feel like letting go of it, you can just list it in the open market for the buyers looking to buying such units. Also, non-nationals shall be looking to buy and you could always sell yours to them.

Beware! while buying

WE have been through five benefits of a mixed-developed property but before we come to any conclusion, we must look at the darker side of it as well.

  • Overly crowded and highly dense
  • Noise pollution caused by the highly-industrialized area
  • Issues regarding your privacy
  • Highly expensive in comparison to regular rooms


Denying that Singapore is overcrowded will be a hard nut to stomach. Since it is one of the countries which attracts all and sundry, it is expected that economy shall boom and this gives birth to the development of more mixed-used development properties. But before putting your money in the grinder, do consider all the pros and cons.

Real Estate Developer Roxy Holdings Report Net Loss of 29.5M

Real Estate Developer Roxy Holdings Report Net Loss of 29.5M

Real Estate Developer Roxy Holdings Report Net Loss of 29.5M

Recorded property and neighborliness bunch Roxy-Pacific Holdings has detailed income of $198.4 million for FY2020 finished December 2020, a 55% reduction from $444 million in FY2019 due to lower property revenue from sales of development. The total deficit inferable from value holders for FY2020 was $29.5 million, contrasted with a net benefit of $30.3 million in FY2019. This was because of debilitation of inn resources and properties coming about because of the worldwide pandemic and extra assessment cost for its stripped interest in Hong Kong, which added up to $34.6 million. The disability charges were non-money things. This didn’t influence the gathering’s income from activities, which stayed at $84.4 million in FY2020.

Please also see the progressive payment table for property purchase in Singapore including Canninghill Square.

The property improvement section detailed income of $165.8 million in FY2020, lower than the $385.9 million announced in FY2019. This was primarily because of the shortfall of income acknowledgment from The Navian, just as The Hensley and West End Glebe (Sydney) where the greater part of the units’ settlement happened in 2019. Deferrals in development because of Covid-19 additionally added to a lower acknowledgment of income.

The gross benefit for the property advancement portion was 77% lower at $17.4 million, while net revenue fell nine rate focuses to 10% in FY2020, as there were lower overall revenues for certain undertakings in Singapore just as sudden venture cost acceleration for Octavia Killara, a 43-loft project in Sydney.

“We have effectively dispatched all the destinations in our territory bank and will put need on the deal and conveyance of the units. We keep on being exceptionally particular in land securing, with an attention on freehold locales in Singapore,” says Teo Hong Lim, chief executive and CEO of Roxy-Pacific. The gathering has an aggregate of 10 continuous private ventures in Singapore.

In February this year, the gathering reported that it has gone into a consent to get a 999-year leasehold private site in Singapore, 10A and 10B Institution Hill, for $33.6 million. The gathering expects to amalgamate the site with an additional 999-year leasehold site at 11 Institution Hill after it practices the Option To Purchase gave on Feb 1. The amalgamated site will have an expected all out land zone of 14,300 sq ft with an all out gross floor region of 40,040 sq ft for private turn of events. In Australia, the gathering’s private improvement projects, Octavia Killara and West End Glebe, have been completely sold.

In Japan, Noku Osaka has been shut for tasks since November 2020. The gathering’s upscale retreat in Maldives, Noku Maldives, has gotten enquiries since movement limitations were lifted in July 2020. Furthermore, the gathering’s second retreat resource in Thailand, Noku Phuket, is required to start activity in 2022.

Income from the property speculation section remained generally stable at $7.4 million in FY2020, contrasted with $7.7 million in FY2019. It was upheld by rental pay from Roxy Square and NZI Center. In general, the gathering’s gross net revenue for FY2020 for the property venture section was seven rate focuses lower at 17%, from 24% in FY2019. This was chiefly because of lower overall revenue from the property improvement and inn egments. Net benefit for FY2020 diminished 69% to $33.3 million from $106.2 million over the past relating year.

In FY2021, the gathering will zero in on expanding repeating revenue sources, for example, accomplishing and keeping up high inhabitance rates in freehold business properties in Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand.

The Covid-19 pandemic made a serious interruption worldwide monetary movement and the travel industry action, which has tested Roxy-Pacific’s inn fragment. Income from the lodging possession section fell half to $25.2 million in FY2020 from $50.4 million in FY2019

The gathering’s lead Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy is presently giving their whole convenience offices to individuals who should be under remain at home notification as an issue of safeguard.

The gathering has as of late reported the venture of a 40% premium in a business tower situated at 350 Queen Street, in Melbourne, Australia. The pinnacle involves workplaces, retail contributions and local area conveniences. It will likewise be redeveloping previous Melbourne House to a business advancement to tap repeating revenue sources.

Because of government awards got for the Job Support Scheme, higher unfamiliar trade acquire and higher reasonable worth addition from speculation property at Roxy Square, other working pay expanded 129% to $16.4 million in FY2020.

Portion of aftereffects of partners tumbled to a deficiency of $7.4 million in FY2020 contrasted with a benefit of $8.5 million in FY2019, because of extra assessment costs for the gathering’s stripped interest in 8 Russell Street, Hong Kong, in 2H2020, and the arrangement of disability misfortune on its properties in the abroad related organizations. This was incompletely counterbalanced by the benefit from the offer of property in Ginza, Japan, in 1H2020.

In general, Roxy-Pacific’s monetary record stayed sound with money and bank totals of $395.6 million, and net outfitting remained low at 0.64 occasions.

The Atelier at Newton Showflat To Preview This Weekend

Canninghill Square Location near to River Valley Road District 09

Canninghill Square Location near to River Valley Road District 09

The Atelier, Bukit Sembawang Estates confined’s luxurious rental undertaking in Newton, will open for preview with the aid of appointment only this Saturday 27 February.

The high District 9 development’s reputable income release will start on thirteen March.

Canninghill Square Located at River Valley Road District 9 will be available for preview soon.

located alongside Makeway avenue, the luxury development contains a single freehold residential tower with one hundred twenty devices of one- to four-bedders ranging among 549 squareft and 1,496 sq.ft.

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charges for one-bed room devices begin from $1.51 million, while two-bedroom units cross from $2.48 million. three-bedders and 4-bedders, however, are priced from $3.12 million and $four.38 million, respectively. The expected date of vacant ownership for the task is in Q1 2024. The devices include matt black sanitary fittings via luxury Italian emblem Gessi, German sanitary wares from Villeroy & Boch and French kitchen appliances from De Dietrich. they may be also geared up with clever domestic features together with a digital lock set, lights, air conditioning as well as smoke detector and water heat control. Another development will be located at Canninghill Square.

centers are unfold throughout the first, 6th and 18th storeys of the development. these include a garden courtyard, lap pool and poolside cabana on the first floor; bistro dining, kids zone and sensory pool on the sixth storey; as well as observe pods, clubhouse and serenity fitness at the 18th storey.

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situated close to Newton MRT station, the improvement is a four-minute drive to Orchard purchasing belt. it is also near Newton food Centre, Novena healthcare and Novena purchasing vicinity.

close by faculties include Anglo-chinese language faculty (Barker avenue), Anglo-chinese faculty (Junior) and St. Joseph’s organization Junior.

The Atallier’s sales gallery can be located at 2 Makeway avenue.

Fort Canning MRT Station

Canninghill Square Former Liang Court Enbloc by Capitaland

Canninghill Square Former Liang Court Enbloc by Capitaland

Fort Canning MRT Station is an underground station located at the intersection of River Valley Road and Clemenceau Avenue. The name of the station originates from Governor-General Charles Caning who established the military fort in 1859 on the nearby hill. The station is located at the foot of Fort Canning on the northern bank of the Singapore River and close to Liang Court, UE Square, and Clarke Quay. Its convenient location is perfect to access Clarke Quay entertainment district and shopping malls, offices, and other amenities of the River Valley area.

The station has the combined style of the Fort Canning Park and the former National Theatre. The green-colored interior together with curved ceiling emphasizes and signifies natural elements component of the station related to the nearby park. Theatre is represented through typical stone walls and glass fitting at the ground level. It is also worth mentioning all the awards the station received including International Tunnel Association Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards, and Top 50 Engineering Feats. This is truly an engineering masterpiece. Canninghill Square is the former Liang Court that will go enbloc at River Valley.

Contract 937 for the design and construction of Fort Canning Station (formerly known as River Valley station) and associated tunnels was awarded to GS Engineering & Construction Corp. at a contract sum of S$255.05 million. Construction started in July 2011 and was completed on schedule in 2017.

One of the most interesting parts of the building is probably the Downtown Line tunnel connecting Fort Canning and Bencoolen MRT stations. To link the stations, engineers were required to build tunnels only one meter above the existing tunnel of the North-East Line. On the other hand, a tunnel connecting Chinatown station had to be made underneath the Singapore River and was also built quite close to the Central Expressway Tunnel. Both feats were recognized as one of the top 50 engineering achievements by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES).

Of the practical parts Fort Canning station is equipped with two platforms, Passenger Information System, General Ticketing Machine, Passenger Service station and so much more.
Platforms are arranged as an island and both can be used for traveling in either direction. Platform screen doors are high enough to stop the tunnel air from entering into a nice and comfortable air-conditioned platform environment.

The station is fully equipped to enable access to passengers in wheelchairs or someone carrying bulkier items with nice wider gates. For visually impaired or blind people tactile flooring helps to orientate and get anywhere around the station with ease. The large lobby area is open and organized with fare gates, various displays showing information about next trains, and public toilets close for convenience. Station also has a retail shop in the large concourse.

Getting the ticket is possible using an automatic fare collection system or simply buying single or multiple journeys with General Ticketing Machine. For any problems or inquiries, there is always a Service center to help and advise.

In general, the station is showing mid to high passenger traffic due to its proximity to Clarke Quay entertainment center. On the outside, Fort Canning station is connected with two bus lines, taxi stands, and convenient passenger pick-up spots.

Marriott International


With over 1.4 million guest rooms and 7000 properties in 131 countries under 30 brands, Marriott International is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious multinational diversified hospitality companies. This successful enterprise was founded by J. Willard Marriot and her wife Alice Marriot in 1927, the leadership and profound principles of the company have passed on not only to the family but also to partners, employees, and every single one who became part of their success.

Canninghill Square Location Located at River Valley Road at Core City Centre

Canninghill Square Location Located at River Valley Road at Core City Centre

Though this corporation’s success is evident in their unstoppable growth, expansions, and acquisitions of some competitor’s shares, there are still moments of hardship that Marriott has endured as they journey their company’s development. Some of those unfortunate events are the bombing of the Marriott World Trade Center in 2001, Islamabad Marriott in 2008, and Jakarta Marriott in 2009. As miserable as it may look, Marriott uses those bedrocks as a foundation to bounce back higher and become prestigious as they are right now. Canninghill Square location is located here that is near to amenities and shopping centres.

They allotted significant investments in marketing activities such as online advertisement, emails, and traditional mails, which tremendously impacted their dominance within the hotel industry.

Financial Standings

Over the years, Marriott International’s revenue had created a sudden leap in its financial standing. Though there were unstable months in their performance, still looking at the big picture, we can see the growth they have accumulated over time. In 2017, Marriott generated more than $22 billion in their revenue, which is over a 30% increase from 2016, one of the highest percentage leaps they have achieved in the past 10 years. Canninghill Square is a former Liang Court Enbloc.

Brands of Marriott International

As of today, Marriott has established under 30 dominant brands within the luxurious, premium, select, and long-stay brand categories.

Their great brands such as The Ritz – Carlton, Edition Hotels, Hotels Worldwide, The Luxury Collection, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, JW Marriott, and Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts fall under the luxurious brands.

Meanwhile, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Vacation Club, Delta Hotels, Le Méridien, Renaissance Hotels, Westin Hotels, Gaylord Hotels, Autograph Collection, Design Hotels, and Tribute Portfolio are all part of their sophisticated premium brands.

For easy and accessible service, they offer their select brands such as Courtyard by Marriott, Fairfield by Marriott, Four Points by Sheraton, Protea Hotels by Marriott, SpringHill Suites, AC Hotels by Marriott, Aloft Hotels, and Moxy Hotels.

Lastly, for those who want to have a hotel-like experience home, Marriott is proud to offer their extended-stay brands such as Marriott Executive Apartments, Residence Inn by Marriott, TownePlace Suites, and Element Hotels.


Over the years, Marriott has showcased their prowess by becoming one of the leading hoteliers globally, thus gaining some milestone awards.

In 2012, JW Marquis Hotel Dubai was recognized by Guinness World Records as the tallest hotel in the world.

In 2017, they received various awards such as World’s Most Admired Lodging Company by Fortune, Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality by Human Rights Campaign, and Leading Disability Employer Seal by National Organization on Disability.

Marriott is proud to announce that last year, 2020, they received the Diversity Champion Award by Alliance for Workplace Excellence, America’s Best Employers for Diversity Award by Forbes, and Ally Changemaker Award (Arne Sorenson) by Out & Equal Workplace Advocates.

Those are just a tip of the iceberg in terms of their recognitions, since a lot more has to be recognized from the corporation.

Future Plans

Their dominance continues this 2021, wherein they’re planning to push an aggressive plan to open 1700 hotels. This plan will expect an additional 275,000 to 295,000 rooms, with almost 214,000 rooms already in construction.

To sum it up, Marriott International still has a lot to offer on their sleeves in the coming years to prove that they are indeed exceptional in providing quality and world-class hotel services.

Small vs. Large Condominium What Is The Best Type Of Condominium For You


Once you’ve finally decided that you need a condo for living. The next decision making is what you prefer: a big condo or a small one. The condominiums come in different styles and sizes; it may be executive type, studio type, one-bedroom, two bedrooms, or even penthouse. Each condo size and choice has its advantages or disadvantages. Choosing the right condo will be based on yourself such as what is your lifestyle, financial status, counting your responsibilities, needs, and wants. However, there are condominiums that will totally fit your daily habits.

More Facilities, On A Grander Scale

Condominiums offer convenience and the urban lifestyle that most people dream of nowadays that include a lot of amenities like a big pool, gym, coffee shop, and many more but for some recent developments condo today include preschools, childcare centers, and even pet groomers. In short, all things can be accessed easily and done quickly. The

Canninghill Square Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

Canninghill Square Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

price for Canninghill Square will be available soon.

The Overall Layout Is Usually More Spacious

If you want an open space within the condo land, choose for a big condo development. In Florence Residences who manage 1,400 plus units still all condo owners didn’t feel that they are “packed-in” it is because of the intervening green spaces as expected they have a big gigantic beautiful pool down the middle. Living in a condo community nowadays is more than a practical choice.

Maintenance Is Divided Among More Units

Bigger condominiums are usually in low-maintenance charges for every household. While some condo facilities and space need to be maintained, the management divided the cost among unit owners. Keep in this mind. Maintenance is not a big disadvantage. Midtown Bay produces small units that they’ve developed an office and retail inside the building means all commercial units will be less in the maintenance fees. A big development like Canninghill Square at River Valley Road tends to be one of the highly sought after developments closer to the city.

Tend To Be More Affordable

Budgeting is complicated, choose wisely a condominium that will not cost you that much. A bigger development tends to be more low-cost other than small developments that are usually expensive. Condo units are not only used by the people residing in the said development in some circumstances unit owners invite their families, relatives, or friends to have a bond so it means more crowd and more noise.

One of the key factors of fewer units is you won’t be competing with as many landlords also less crowded and noisy. The smaller condo developments the fewer owners. That being said, you’ll contain a greater knowledge and voice in how the management committee runs the essential things. It does not mean you’ll decide in your own way, but it seems like you’ll have to vote more often. While in big condo developments you’ll have a tiny voice which management hears you less or what we called you are “voiceless” and it’s not exceptional.

At this point, you may have already decided what type of condo you are getting. A pleasant reminder always considers the lifestyle you aim for. No matter how big or small your condo purchase in the future, if you put the right design and perfect furniture, the size of your condo should not matter.

Clarke Quay Entertainment Hotspot Near to Canninghill Square

Canninghill Square Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

Canninghill Square Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

Clarke Quay, a riverside district of Singapore, is located upstream from the mouth of the famous Singapore River and its historical twin, Boat Quay. Both have been a commercial hub for a century and a half, since the colonial era. Lined with cargo boats for trade, the area along the river was once utilized as warehouses. At the heart of Clarke Quay is the meandering Singapore River, its nightlife reflecting in the waters with splendor.

Historical Treasure to a Modern Marvel

Rooted in history, Clarke Quay was so named after Sir Andrew Clarke, Governor of the Straits Settlements in the 1870s. After being a major trans-shipment zone as a loading and unloading dock for cargoes in the 1800s, it fell into a state of decline after the port activities shifted to Keppel Harbour. Canninghill Square is located near to Clarke Quay next to Singapore River near to the city by City Developments Limited and Capitaland. Canninghill Square Register Interest here for more information with regards to the development.

The three-hectare diamond-shaped riverside area was brought back to life in early 2000. The riverfront, the streets, and the River Valley Road underwent a total transformation that allayed the concerns of the country’s ambient weather conditions. The ingenuity of the sophisticated cooling system that manipulates the area’s micro-climate to provide a visually lucrative alternative to an air-conditioned mall is hugely responsible for Clarke Quay’s transformation from a gritty commercial center to a hip and happening entertainment hub of today.

Landmark Shopping Destination

Once a busy thoroughfare for traders, fishermen, and stevedores in the 1800s, Clarke Quay has transformed into a bustling market for enthusiastic shoppers of today. It promises a wholesome shopping experience with quaint little shophouses, pushcarts selling woodcraft, jewelry, and unique pottery designs, and retail shops catering to all your shopping needs.

Clarke Quay Central, a stylish new shopping center with over 280 shops is situated in the city center atop the Clarke Quay MRT station. It is a sprawling 19,000 m² shopping haven spread over 5 levels and has an envious mix of products for purchase ranging from art and wines to homeware and souvenirs.

Party Hot-Spot

Scrumptious food, foot-tapping music, and the perfect ambiance to dance the night away are hallmarks of a happening nightlife and CQ offers these with aplomb. From wacky themed bars to the all-out nightclubs, it is a perfect playground to hop into for some chilled-out fun.

All the top nightclubs are within walking distance from the Clarke Quay MRT Station. Packed and throbbing to R&B, hip hop, and the latest chartbusters, Attica is the first in the line-up. Two floors fit for 500, the upstairs is reserved for some bass-heavy underground beats with guest DJs throwing in some techno and electro to amp up the atmosphere. If you are serious about dancing to the beats, Zouk – a warehouse turned club on Jiak Kim Street is a perfect choice.

Diners’ Delight

Clarke Quay is a melting pot of eclectic cuisines – Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, and Latin American food. If you are craving some Chinese old favorites like a chili crab and Lobster, Red House Seafood has you covered. Tomo Izakaya has an eye-catching décor with a floor to ceiling, gigantic ‘tree’ of sake bottles, and paper lanterns. The food ranging from sashimi to yakimono is served with Japanese craft beers. You can appease your appetite for the best Western cuisine at Hooters Singapore with the crowd-favorites chicken wings and sandwiches.

Cruise by the River

Away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, the river cruise can become an observation deck to soak in all the beauty of the quay minus the accompanying cacophony.

If the night-time in Clarke Quay is ravishing, the daytime brings its charms too. A leisurely stroll along the Singapore River, a visit to the nearby Asians Civilisations Museum to admire its colonial architecture or a nature walk in the Fort Canning Park to bask in its lush greenery along with the joggers and dog walkers can be soothing to the soul.

District 09 Properties Features and Characteristics

Canninghill Square District 09 River valley condo

Canninghill Square District 09 River valley condo

Singapore’s District 9 is the country’s top range luxury destination for condos and extravagant lifestyle. However, a not so widely known fact about the region is its differentiation into separate subdistricts according to the distinct set of defining features. These are sort of under-the-radar characteristics that you might not have noticed. Here is a complete list of features from these neighborhoods that might raise your interest or give you a picture of what to expect when you live in District 9.

1. Cairnhill
Major characteristics
• Centrally placed
• Easy access from the nearest hawker market, Newton.

While the region features many high-rise buildings, it is mort known as a highly populated business center. The area’s close ties to the Central Expressway place it as an easy destination for many cars, making Cairnhill a high car traffic area. Likewise, the district’s proximity to Ngee Ann City, a tourist magnet, opens it up to a lot of human traffic. You should expect to get many questions from tourists asking for directions to specific areas, which is a significant disadvantage if you wish to take a short stroll around the neighborhood. However, this characteristic places Cairnhill as the preferred destination for establishing a small business.

2. Claymore
Major characteristics
• Proximity to Shaw Centre, Orchard Towers, and Singapore Botanical Gardens
• Relaxation hotspot with many outdoor drinking areas
If Cairnhill’s constant traffic gets on your nerve, you have Claymore to consider. The neighborhood boasts of its distance from the Central Expressway, making foot and traffic a rare occurrence. Likewise, Claymore has proximity to several landmarks. Here you get easy access to extensively built shopping centers like Orchard Towers, Claymore Connect, and Forum the Shopping Mall that provide a one-stop shopping experience. Equally, the area is home to many drinking spots for your relaxation.

3. Mount Sophia
Major Characteristics
• Hilly slightly accessible region
• Relatively isolated placement with roundabout routes for access

Another prime spot for introverts is Mount Sophia, a relatively isolated residential district with easy access to the Selegie Road / Little India / Bugis. The area’s non-inclusivity stems from the fact that it is farther off the road with a series of roadwork standing between it and a high traffic volume. Despite this, Mount Sophia is far from an abandoned wasteland as it is privy to an extensive number of schools like LaSalle, NAFA, and Kaplan. Students make a large majority of the population, offering the area as an excellent investment for residential housing. A good development to consider will be Canninghill Square that is right at the hear of the city

4. River Valley
Major characteristics
• Lots of recreational sites
• High-end schools

For the social bugs, River Valley has got you covered. This residential zone acts as the most family-friendly area in District 9, with offerings from the best international schools like Chatsworth, ISS International School, and UE Square. Likewise, River Valley residents have access to Fort Canning Park and Singapore River that are exquisite places for family fun days and outings. Additionally, you get to boast about living in proximity with the founding Prime Minister’s house situated in the area.

5. Leonie Hill and Paterson
Major characteristics
• Easy access through road and public transport
• Considerably high-end schools
So, you like Claymore and you think it still has a lot of traffic, then say hello to Leonie Hill and Paterson. This residential area is home to the Great World City, situated a few blocks away but still privileged enough to warrant peace of mind. Leonie Hill and Paterson offers the Claymore experience and more without handling as much footfall. The area also has high-end schools like SCAPE and Orchard, situated within walking distance. Quite handy if you don’t have a car.

What’s the take on buying a property in District 9? Well, the zone provides something for everyone. Extroverts can opt for Cairnhill and River Valley, which are great for business and family, respectively. However, introverts also get a fair share from Leonie Hill and Paterson, Mount Sophia, and Claymore. As an investor, areas with high traffic and easy accessibility go a long way in promoting business growth. These are all factors to consider in deciding which zone to move into.

Capitaland Real Estate Developer

Canninghill Squrae Register Interest Here at CDL Website

Canninghill Squrae Register Interest Here at CDL Website

CapitaLand Limited is considered as Asia’s one of the cardinal, multinational real estate groups. The groups’ headquarter is located in Singapore while its influencing has been expanded in various other countries. According to reports of 30 September 2020, the group has been operating and managing a portfolio worth $133.3 billion. CapitaLand’s portfolio spans across diversified real estate classes which include commercial, retail, business park, industrial and logistics; integrated development, urban development; as well as lodging and residential. The real estate group assets are operating in 220 cities in more than 30 countries and despite all the facts its primary focus is to establish its stronghold in China and Singapore Market. The network of its interest is expanding in other countries as well like Australia, Europe, the USA, India, and Vietnam. For showflat viewing, please register your interest here.

CapitaLand is on its way to mark its presence on the globe as one of the dominant real estate management business group. The group is responsible for managing six listed real estate investment trusts (REITs) and business trusts as well as over 20 private funds.  In 2002, the group launched Singapore’s first REITs. Business trusts and REITs that are part of the group in contemporary time are Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust, Capital Land China Trust, CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust, Ascot Residence Trust, CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust, and Ascendas India Trust.

CapitaLand has started its sustainability journey in 2000 and since then the core objectives behind their every action is to provide higher economic value to their clientele. The group has been operating for 20 years to make the communities in which they are located better. CapitaLand has come up with Sustainability Master Plan according to which the group would work to elevate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) by 2030.  Sustainability Master Plan is a pre-evaluated outline that describes the scope and sustainability efforts required to achieve the mandated goals for better quality services.

The primary objective of CapitaLand is to BUILD a worthy enough real estate portfolio. This will ENABLE a flourishing future where communities would tend to adapt CapitaLand’s first preference and ACCELERATE sustainability efforts for higher-value economic outcomes for stakeholders. The Master Plan would enable the group to earn better environmental progress and higher economic benefits.

In order to ‘Building People, Building Communities” CapitaLand has established its philanthropic subsidiary in 2005 called CapitaLand Hope Foundation. The objective behind the establishment of this community is to let people of communities thrive in health and prosperity to achieve long-term success in business operations. CapitaLand allocates 0.5% of its annual profit to CapitaLand Hope Foundation. The foundation has been serving as a registered charity organization in Singapore to aid the destitute and vulnerable in their quest of seeking education and better health. The CapitaLand Hope Foundation fundamental aims to provide a quality life to those socially vulnerable children who deserve a better take on life. Besides the monetary altruism, the group also recruit volunteers who want to spend some beneficial time with these children and can be of valuable services. In 2011, CHP has also established its branch in China.

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