Canninghill Square Location Near to Chinatown Point

We are now looking at we are now looking at Chinatown point which is at the heart of Chinatown and represents one of the older is shopping more in the core city centre. Chinatown voices on a heritage site which is rich in Singapore history and there are many F&B outlets as well as retail shops there are available for the office crore as well as the young and trendy shop in Chinatown point. Please see Canninghill Square Location close to Chinatown Point by CDL and Capitaland

Chinatown point consists of 6 storeys that have retail as well as healthcare to cater to the residents around the area. It is a popular selection for the office crowd as it is located near to MRT station. Chinatown Point by often give discounts in an effort to promote traveling around the area. Chinatown Point 6 welcome customers to the shopping mall so that tenants will be able to get some business