Clarke Quay Entertainment Hotspot Near to Canninghill Square

Canninghill Square Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

Canninghill Square Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

Clarke Quay, a riverside district of Singapore, is located upstream from the mouth of the famous Singapore River and its historical twin, Boat Quay. Both have been a commercial hub for a century and a half, since the colonial era. Lined with cargo boats for trade, the area along the river was once utilized as warehouses. At the heart of Clarke Quay is the meandering Singapore River, its nightlife reflecting in the waters with splendor.

Historical Treasure to a Modern Marvel

Rooted in history, Clarke Quay was so named after Sir Andrew Clarke, Governor of the Straits Settlements in the 1870s. After being a major trans-shipment zone as a loading and unloading dock for cargoes in the 1800s, it fell into a state of decline after the port activities shifted to Keppel Harbour. Canninghill Square is located near to Clarke Quay next to Singapore River near to the city by City Developments Limited and Capitaland. Canninghill Square Register Interest here for more information with regards to the development.

The three-hectare diamond-shaped riverside area was brought back to life in early 2000. The riverfront, the streets, and the River Valley Road underwent a total transformation that allayed the concerns of the country’s ambient weather conditions. The ingenuity of the sophisticated cooling system that manipulates the area’s micro-climate to provide a visually lucrative alternative to an air-conditioned mall is hugely responsible for Clarke Quay’s transformation from a gritty commercial center to a hip and happening entertainment hub of today.

Landmark Shopping Destination

Once a busy thoroughfare for traders, fishermen, and stevedores in the 1800s, Clarke Quay has transformed into a bustling market for enthusiastic shoppers of today. It promises a wholesome shopping experience with quaint little shophouses, pushcarts selling woodcraft, jewelry, and unique pottery designs, and retail shops catering to all your shopping needs.

Clarke Quay Central, a stylish new shopping center with over 280 shops is situated in the city center atop the Clarke Quay MRT station. It is a sprawling 19,000 m² shopping haven spread over 5 levels and has an envious mix of products for purchase ranging from art and wines to homeware and souvenirs.

Party Hot-Spot

Scrumptious food, foot-tapping music, and the perfect ambiance to dance the night away are hallmarks of a happening nightlife and CQ offers these with aplomb. From wacky themed bars to the all-out nightclubs, it is a perfect playground to hop into for some chilled-out fun.

All the top nightclubs are within walking distance from the Clarke Quay MRT Station. Packed and throbbing to R&B, hip hop, and the latest chartbusters, Attica is the first in the line-up. Two floors fit for 500, the upstairs is reserved for some bass-heavy underground beats with guest DJs throwing in some techno and electro to amp up the atmosphere. If you are serious about dancing to the beats, Zouk – a warehouse turned club on Jiak Kim Street is a perfect choice.

Diners’ Delight

Clarke Quay is a melting pot of eclectic cuisines – Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, and Latin American food. If you are craving some Chinese old favorites like a chili crab and Lobster, Red House Seafood has you covered. Tomo Izakaya has an eye-catching décor with a floor to ceiling, gigantic ‘tree’ of sake bottles, and paper lanterns. The food ranging from sashimi to yakimono is served with Japanese craft beers. You can appease your appetite for the best Western cuisine at Hooters Singapore with the crowd-favorites chicken wings and sandwiches.

Cruise by the River

Away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland, the river cruise can become an observation deck to soak in all the beauty of the quay minus the accompanying cacophony.

If the night-time in Clarke Quay is ravishing, the daytime brings its charms too. A leisurely stroll along the Singapore River, a visit to the nearby Asians Civilisations Museum to admire its colonial architecture or a nature walk in the Fort Canning Park to bask in its lush greenery along with the joggers and dog walkers can be soothing to the soul.

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