District 09 Properties Features and Characteristics

Canninghill Square District 09 River valley condo

Canninghill Square District 09 River valley condo

Singapore’s District 9 is the country’s top range luxury destination for condos and extravagant lifestyle. However, a not so widely known fact about the region is its differentiation into separate subdistricts according to the distinct set of defining features. These are sort of under-the-radar characteristics that you might not have noticed. Here is a complete list of features from these neighborhoods that might raise your interest or give you a picture of what to expect when you live in District 9.

1. Cairnhill
Major characteristics
• Centrally placed
• Easy access from the nearest hawker market, Newton.

While the region features many high-rise buildings, it is mort known as a highly populated business center. The area’s close ties to the Central Expressway place it as an easy destination for many cars, making Cairnhill a high car traffic area. Likewise, the district’s proximity to Ngee Ann City, a tourist magnet, opens it up to a lot of human traffic. You should expect to get many questions from tourists asking for directions to specific areas, which is a significant disadvantage if you wish to take a short stroll around the neighborhood. However, this characteristic places Cairnhill as the preferred destination for establishing a small business.

2. Claymore
Major characteristics
• Proximity to Shaw Centre, Orchard Towers, and Singapore Botanical Gardens
• Relaxation hotspot with many outdoor drinking areas
If Cairnhill’s constant traffic gets on your nerve, you have Claymore to consider. The neighborhood boasts of its distance from the Central Expressway, making foot and traffic a rare occurrence. Likewise, Claymore has proximity to several landmarks. Here you get easy access to extensively built shopping centers like Orchard Towers, Claymore Connect, and Forum the Shopping Mall that provide a one-stop shopping experience. Equally, the area is home to many drinking spots for your relaxation.

3. Mount Sophia
Major Characteristics
• Hilly slightly accessible region
• Relatively isolated placement with roundabout routes for access

Another prime spot for introverts is Mount Sophia, a relatively isolated residential district with easy access to the Selegie Road / Little India / Bugis. The area’s non-inclusivity stems from the fact that it is farther off the road with a series of roadwork standing between it and a high traffic volume. Despite this, Mount Sophia is far from an abandoned wasteland as it is privy to an extensive number of schools like LaSalle, NAFA, and Kaplan. Students make a large majority of the population, offering the area as an excellent investment for residential housing. A good development to consider will be Canninghill Square that is right at the hear of the city

4. River Valley
Major characteristics
• Lots of recreational sites
• High-end schools

For the social bugs, River Valley has got you covered. This residential zone acts as the most family-friendly area in District 9, with offerings from the best international schools like Chatsworth, ISS International School, and UE Square. Likewise, River Valley residents have access to Fort Canning Park and Singapore River that are exquisite places for family fun days and outings. Additionally, you get to boast about living in proximity with the founding Prime Minister’s house situated in the area.

5. Leonie Hill and Paterson
Major characteristics
• Easy access through road and public transport
• Considerably high-end schools
So, you like Claymore and you think it still has a lot of traffic, then say hello to Leonie Hill and Paterson. This residential area is home to the Great World City, situated a few blocks away but still privileged enough to warrant peace of mind. Leonie Hill and Paterson offers the Claymore experience and more without handling as much footfall. The area also has high-end schools like SCAPE and Orchard, situated within walking distance. Quite handy if you don’t have a car.

What’s the take on buying a property in District 9? Well, the zone provides something for everyone. Extroverts can opt for Cairnhill and River Valley, which are great for business and family, respectively. However, introverts also get a fair share from Leonie Hill and Paterson, Mount Sophia, and Claymore. As an investor, areas with high traffic and easy accessibility go a long way in promoting business growth. These are all factors to consider in deciding which zone to move into.

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