Located alongside the riverbanks of the famed Singapore River, Clarke Quay is a stunning destination located right in the traditional center of the city with its brilliant architecture harking back to colonial-era times. However, when the nightclubs open their doors at night, the place undergoes a miraculous transformation.

Tourists visiting Singapore should consider adding Clarke Quay to their travel itinerary. The place is buzzing with life and happiness from dusk to midnight. Many iconic restaurants and clubs are open during this time, catering to partygoers and adventurers from all walks of life.

The Singapore River, which is located nearby, was the main lifeline of the city, which encouraged the development of the quay. Bumboats often docked and sold their exotic offerings for commerce and trade here. You can take a ride on centuries-old bumboats to explore the river and see famous Singaporean landmarks for yourself. Canninghill Square is located right at the heart of the city and there are many amenities nearby which is family friendly and convenience is at your doorstep.

The nightlife scene is arguably the biggest attraction Clarke Quay has to offer. Attica and Zouk, two of the biggest nightclubs in Singapore, are located here. They attract partygoers looking for an intoxicating atmosphere surrounded by banging beats. F. Club also happens to be another famous venue for electronic and hip-hop music lovers with amazing decadent interiors.

The party doesn’t stop until the early hours of the morning. However, the amazing music choices ensure that you’re never bored. Since all the clubs happen to be located close to each other, people can also move between them easily. Headquarters by the Council is a famed underground club for the bold and adventurous looking for experimental brand-new music takes, which never figure on the trending Billboard charts.

The bars in Clarke Quay are great places to hang out with friends. For budget-conscious travelers, Get Juiced bar is a great place with an upbeat and frenetic vibe where one can easily get cheap beverages. The Chupitos Shots Bar offers amazing shots whose potency cannot be overstated.

The Lobster Broth Ramen is a famed specialty of the Ramen Keisuke Lobster King restaurant. Aside from this, there are several casual and high-end dining options in Clarke Quay as well. While the night scene and the dining options in Clarke Quay are amazing, it’s still a place with a lot of history. Tourists visiting Clarke Quay at night should definitely head to Fort Canning Park, which is also called Bukit Larangan or Singapore Hill. Stamford Raffles, the British founder of Singapore lived here. Many graves dating back to the colonial period are located here as well.

The indigenous Malay people were the ones who called this place Forbidden Hill since their beliefs consider this to be the place where ancient Singaporean kings were buried. As a result, this site was considered to be a haunted location. There’s a shrine built in honor of Parameswara, a king who ruled Singapore during the 1300s, who is said to be buried in this place.

Presenting a glimpse into Singapore’s rich and varied history by day and its outstanding nightlife by night, every tourist should consider visiting Clarke Quay on their visit to Singapore.