Canninghill Square Project Information Near to Orchard Road

Orchard Road has been a mecca for shoppers since the 1830s. Over time it has been transformed from a place full of orchards, plantations, and farms into a delightful edgy shopping venue.

Orchard Road’s numerous stores include TANGS, one of Singapore’s oldest shopping malls, as well as shops that sell famous brands, eclectic goods, and Asian collectibles. For a more modern and surreal experience, visit the ION Orchard with its eight levels of well-known brands, high street fashion, and entertainment shops.

For shoppers that want to do more than shop, they can visit The Grande Whisky Collection and ION Art Gallery. The Grande Whisky Collection provides visitors with an exquisite opportunity to learn about the history and secrets of Scottish whisky. While there, visitors can taste numerous varieties of whisky. The ION Art Gallery is a must-see for art enthusiasts. It exhibits modern and contemporary art and design, which includes visual, digital, and multi-media art. Orchard Road is also near to Canninghill Square former Liang Court. More information can be found here.

For those with more modest budgets, The Far East Plaza has an array of modestly priced beauty shops, electronic stores, and street fashion stores. There are more than 800 shops in the plaza. Shoppers can buy conventional fashions and the more outlandish clothing that immediately gets people’s attention. When shopping for unusual souvenirs, gifts, or other items, go to The Far East Plaza. Other attractions are its bargain stores, large discount stores, and inexpensive casual dining.

The young and trendy prefer the plaza. It caters to their hunger for street fashion and the latest fads. On weekends, it is the place to go to see the newest designs, fashions, and outfits. This place is also very popular with tourists because it is so vibrant, busy, and a great spot to people-watch. The development is the former Liang Court here.

For those looking for a meal or drink, indulging one’s palate is easily done on Orchard Road. There are numerous coffee shops, like the Oriole Coffee and Bar, that are great for some world-class coffee. People interested in drinking can go to the Manhattan, located in the Regent Hotel. For world class cuisine from nations all over the globe, dine at Wild Honey in the Mandarin Gallery. Wild Honey is famous for its creative and mouth watering breakfasts, especially its Scandinavian dishes.

The Mandarin Gallery is the shopping venue for the ultra posh. The gallery has more than fifty ultra chic high-end boutiques that cater to the most elite shoppers. Shoppers can purchase very unique items there. The cherry on top, the gallery offers personalized and tailored shopping experiences to all of its customers.