Small vs. Large Condominium What Is The Best Type Of Condominium For You


Once you’ve finally decided that you need a condo for living. The next decision making is what you prefer: a big condo or a small one. The condominiums come in different styles and sizes; it may be executive type, studio type, one-bedroom, two bedrooms, or even penthouse. Each condo size and choice has its advantages or disadvantages. Choosing the right condo will be based on yourself such as what is your lifestyle, financial status, counting your responsibilities, needs, and wants. However, there are condominiums that will totally fit your daily habits.

More Facilities, On A Grander Scale

Condominiums offer convenience and the urban lifestyle that most people dream of nowadays that include a lot of amenities like a big pool, gym, coffee shop, and many more but for some recent developments condo today include preschools, childcare centers, and even pet groomers. In short, all things can be accessed easily and done quickly. The

Canninghill Square Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

Canninghill Square Launching Price by CDL and Capitaland

price for Canninghill Square will be available soon.

The Overall Layout Is Usually More Spacious

If you want an open space within the condo land, choose for a big condo development. In Florence Residences who manage 1,400 plus units still all condo owners didn’t feel that they are “packed-in” it is because of the intervening green spaces as expected they have a big gigantic beautiful pool down the middle. Living in a condo community nowadays is more than a practical choice.

Maintenance Is Divided Among More Units

Bigger condominiums are usually in low-maintenance charges for every household. While some condo facilities and space need to be maintained, the management divided the cost among unit owners. Keep in this mind. Maintenance is not a big disadvantage. Midtown Bay produces small units that they’ve developed an office and retail inside the building means all commercial units will be less in the maintenance fees. A big development like Canninghill Square at River Valley Road tends to be one of the highly sought after developments closer to the city.

Tend To Be More Affordable

Budgeting is complicated, choose wisely a condominium that will not cost you that much. A bigger development tends to be more low-cost other than small developments that are usually expensive. Condo units are not only used by the people residing in the said development in some circumstances unit owners invite their families, relatives, or friends to have a bond so it means more crowd and more noise.

One of the key factors of fewer units is you won’t be competing with as many landlords also less crowded and noisy. The smaller condo developments the fewer owners. That being said, you’ll contain a greater knowledge and voice in how the management committee runs the essential things. It does not mean you’ll decide in your own way, but it seems like you’ll have to vote more often. While in big condo developments you’ll have a tiny voice which management hears you less or what we called you are “voiceless” and it’s not exceptional.

At this point, you may have already decided what type of condo you are getting. A pleasant reminder always considers the lifestyle you aim for. No matter how big or small your condo purchase in the future, if you put the right design and perfect furniture, the size of your condo should not matter.

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